Re: (IAAC) Green Meteors and optical rods.

Hi Paul,
I do see green meteors persistently, and was told that green meteors are
rather rare. More they are yellowish or orangey, if anything other than
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Date: Thursday, March 19, 1998 6:52 AM
Subject: (IAAC) Green Meteors and optical rods.
>>>As for reds, I remember reading (probably in Roger Clark's book) that
>much of
>>what we often note as "pale green" is actually other colors (such as
>>stimulating the rods JUST over the threshold for color perception. This
>>is very common in meteor observing, where meteor "heads" or persistent
>>are most frequently seen as pale green, if color is seen at all.
>I too had heard about this phenomena, but from my experience most
>coloured meteor trains I have seen have been a faint orange.  I can't
>remember seeing a green one.
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