(IAAC) FWD: Self-introduction

[BTW, Auke is also a subscriber and frequent contributor to IAAC! -Lew]
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From: "RUI  ANTONIO  HENRIQUES" <9819649@narga.sun.ac.za>
Organization: Stellenbosch University
To: Lew Gramer <dedalus@latrade.com>
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 1998 11:12:25 +0200
Hi  Lew!
Yes, I am a deepsky observer actually. I was introduced to deepsky by a friend 
called Auke Slotegraaf who is the director of the deepsky section in the 
Astronomy Society of Southern Africa (ASSA). He is sort of the leading person 
in our country when it comes to deepsky.
He has taught me almost everything I know over the last few years, and I now 
regularly go observing with him.
I myself was chairperson of the astronomy society at my high school, Paul Roos 
Gymnasium where we had a pull off shed with an old 15 1/2 inch newtonian on a 
German equatorial mount.
I would greatly like to join your list. Could you send me more info on 
catalogue or the home page I could visit. I just past by quickly this address 
on the internet and did not really read all the details.
Dark skies!
 1st year BSc student Stellenbosch University
 Religion Roman Catholic
 Amateur Astronomer, member of ASSA
 Portuguese, Afrikaans & English fluent
   Address: 109 Dorp Street
            South Africa
   Tel: (021) 886 5805
   Email: 9819649@narga.sun.ac.za
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