Re: I see ICs! (was Re: (IAAC) Obj: M42)

> Lew,
> My object descriptions show up as one very l-o-n-g line.  How come?
>                                        Clear skies,  Sue
Thanks for catching that, Sue! I've corrected it in all your posts so far...
The problem is that when you enter your observing Description in the Web form, 
you never hit the "enter" key. This is one of the weaknesses of Web forms: 
because even though you never hit Enter, the Description field LOOKS like it's 
wrapping for you. But in fact, it really isn't. :)
Sorry about that: if I have time later on, I may try to build "autowrap" into 
the Web form. But in the mean time, to keep from having "one line" logs, just 
try to hit Enter near the end of every line of your Description. Or enter your 
logs via email instead of the Web!
Clear skies and take care,