Re: (IAAC) Lunar Occultations

At 09:57 AM 3/16/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Has anyone in the group spent much time observing lunar occultations of
>the planets or stars?
Lunar occultations are one of the foundations of my research observations
these days - or at least they were until I broke my clicker and decided I
had better get into video observing anyway. I probably observed ten to
twenty occultations a month before that happened, and tried for three or
four grazes a year. (1998 is a bad graze year for my part of the country.)
A good list to talk about lunar occultations is the Shallow Sky Mailing
List, for which you can find information at:
Pop on over there and I am sure you can lure me into a discussion of the
discipline of lunar occultation observing, the preparations needed, the
calculation of the phenomena, and so on. Over here, I feel it is a little
too off-topic for me to get into (unless we are discussing lunar
occultations of open clusters, that is).
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