(IAAC) SCORE! Peltier and McKinley

While doing some Sunday browsing at the local Bookcellar Cafe today
(looking for a novel by an Egyptian author, which I didn't find), I
stumbled across two TREASURES which I've been looking for for years!
Because the Bookcellar is NOT known as a haven for obscure scientific
books, they must have sat on the shelf for months - maybe years - before my
bright eyes lighted on them.
The first find was _Meteor Science and Engineering_, the famed source book
for meteor astronomy from the 1960s by D.W.R. McKinley. After gloating over
this catch for a minute or so, my eyes strayed to the next shelf - and
found a paperback edition of Leslie C. Peltier's poetic _Starlight Nights:
Adventures of a Star-Gazer_! After scooping up a third item (Longstreth's
_Understanding the Weather_), I checked out. Total cost: $12.25.
Sometimes, living near the big city DOES have advantages. ;>
Clear skies everybody, and good reading,