Re: (IAAC) lunar occultation

Hola Closeau:
Clouseau@webtv.net wrote:
> I have recently become interested in view occultations. I understand
> there is to be a lunar occultation of Jupiter on the morning of March 26
> at about 10:43UTC where I am. I always get mixed up with UTC, Standard
> Time, and Daylight Saviings Time. So, here's a simple question. For
> Eastern Standard Time, what does 10:43UTC convert to. I think it's
> 5:43am EST. Right or wrong? I don't want to get up early to find I've
> missed the whole thing!
Where are you? Our friends in U.S.A. can say better then me what is the
correct time. I am not aware of the rules for adding or substracting an
hour for summer or winter as it is done in the U.S. However I would
suggest something than can help your pals who receive your messages: put
an indication of your latitude and longitude on your signature. Also
helps what I've seen in the signature of Arnaldo Arnal and I am using
now: put a reference on how to estimate your local time. By example, my
signature says UT - 5. So if you want to know the local time at my
position, calculate the UT, then substract 5 hours.
Celso Montalvo
12o S; 77o W.; [UT - 5 hrs]