Re: (IAAC) Deep sky designations

At 10:21 PM 3/14/98 -0500, Karen Simmons & Lew Gramer wrote:
>Jeff Medkeff wrote:
>May I take it from your comments that you're a DBA? If not, you're
>certainly one of the most expert amateurs I've talked to. :)
It would be safest to conclude that I am not really a DBA - what I am is a
network engineer and electronic communications theorist. But over the
years, I was placed in supervision of groups that were doing DBA and
programming work, and had to learn quite a bit of this stuff so I knew what
I was doing. Thus, I can do certain DB things quite well, and certain
others not well at all - and similarly, on some platforms I am quite
strong, and on others not so much. Almost none of my work has been in
astronomy DB's, though I did work for Ohio State University's astronomy
department on some things at one time; one of the larger and more ambitious
(and notorious?) database projects I worked on was the OSU ARMS project, an
Oracle and PeopleSoft creeping horror.
>In the mean time, please do forward whatever cross-referencing data you can
>conveniently send. Any transportable format is fine! Inline text is
>preferred, as my UNIX mailer at work doesn't handle base64 at all.
Ok. Sue French has pointed me in the direction of an open star cluster
catalog that looks like it will be useful for some cross-referencing, so I
can start on that, and I will start to work on galaxy catalogs in my spare
time. I'm not going to commit to a fixed schedule; I have so many other
irons in the fire right now it isn't funny.... But it should only be a
matter of time before I get some tables together.
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