Re: (IAAC) Deep sky designations

Jeff Medkeff wrote:
>So Lew, you let me know when you are ready to take this bite, ok? I will
>help out as much as I can. Also, if I were to draw up some manual
>cross-referencing tables for DSO's in html, would you be interested in
>mounting those for the time being?
Jeff, your offer of assistance is heartily appreciated - and I may take you
up on it soon, when I have the additional time to coordinate a more
complete cross-referencing and indexing of our observations (and perhaps by
then, there'll be such a mass of logs that such indexing is essential!)
May I take it from your comments that you're a DBA? If not, you're
certainly one of the most expert amateurs I've talked to. :)
In the mean time, please do forward whatever cross-referencing data you can
conveniently send. Any transportable format is fine! Inline text is
preferred, as my UNIX mailer at work doesn't handle base64 at all.
Thanks again! Clear skies,