RE: (IAAC) Obj: Basel 11B - Inst: 10" f/6 Newt

	In addition to various other insanities, I am also an atlas nut.  I have a 
couple old Becvars, Uranomaniac, Millenium, Harald-Bobroff, various form of 
Sky Atlas 2000.0, and a host of smaller atlases.  I don't care for the 
Harald-Bobroff.  I read about it while proof reading a book of Phil 
Harrington's, and he liked it a lot - but I'm TOO BLOODY OLD to read those 
tiny little details in the plotted symbols.  I adore Millenium.  I don't have 
to keep switching volumes as you cross the equator.  The stars are not binned, 
but instead plotted in a continuous range of sizes according to VISUAL 
magnitude.  Star hopping through an eyepiece is nearly effortless.
						Clear skies,  Sue
PS: I'm still hoping prices for Uranomonotony drop now that the 'Millenium' 
atlas is out: after retiring my ancient, well-marked "Atlas Coeli" and buying 
Herald & Bobroff's "AstroAtlas" a few years ago, I don't often miss Urano... 
But still there IS more stuff plotted in it. :(
Clear skies!