Re: (IAAC) Obj: NGC 40 - Inst: Celestron 8"

Celso brought up some interesting points in his emails (thanks, Celso!) First, 
always remember that you CAN access all previous observations of any object. 
Just use the Web form at:
Or view the whole archive sorted by Object ID, at:
Of you can send the following email - with your own object ID put *in place of* 
"ngc7662" of course! :> You'll receive back one or more separate emails, each 
containing an observation of that object in HTML format... If your mailer can't 
display HTML format, just scroll down to the main observation section of each 
email: the text for that observation will be there...
        To: majordomo@latrade.com
        Subject: anything
            retrieve netastrocatalog ngc7662
Please try to make your object ID as specific as possible! For instance, doing 
'retrieve netastrocatalog ngc[0-9]*' will cause you to receive a lot of emails, 
and maybe bog down the MajorDomo server machine, too!
PS: By the way, I also enjoy letting my non-astronomy friends read my observing 
logs! Occasionally, it inspires a comment like "Gosh, I'd LOVE to be able to go 
out and actually see that..." Then I know I've got 'em. :)
Clear skies!