Re: (IAAC) Thoughts on Data Sources (was: Basel 11B etc, etc.)

Thanks, Jeff - indeed, your ideas DO have great value: I'm pasting some of them 
at the top of my "To Do" list as we speak. :)
I agree that cross-referencing is a great idea. One caveat to this in the case 
of IAAC is that we're an *email-based* net: in other words, people send us 
observing logs in whatever format they choose, and I'm limited by that as to 
what indexing I can do. I like this email approach, as it's friendly, informal, 
and much more convenient for some of us than "Web-only" entry forms... But of 
course, it does have a few drawbacks as well.
However, nothing prevents me from taking incoming emails and cross-referencing 
them to the fullest extent I can! If I can't recognize an object designation, I 
can always discard it from the cross-reference list (but NOT from the archive). 
I'll start thinking about this this weekend. Mean time, any further suggestions 
(from Jeff or anyone else) are always welcome! (Also if anyone's itching to do 
some Perl scripting or database hacking, I do take volunteers!)
Suggestion: Get your ideas in while the Moon is still near full! :)
Clear skies,