Re: (IAAC) Obj: Basel 11B - Inst: 10" f/6 Newt

Sue French wrote:
>> My personal favorite is the "The" catalog of PNs from Dr. P.S.
>> The... Very little trouble spelling that one.  -Lew
> ----------
> Lew,
> Oooh!  I absolutely must observe one of those!  Can you point
> me in the direction of a good one?  Sue
Hi, Sue - you DO like obscurity for it's own sake, I think! :)
There are actually 62 members of catalogs "Th1" through "Th4" listed in dObjects. But every single one of them also has a PK designation, and some also appear in the Minkowski and V-V catalogs. There's even a few NGCs, I'm afraid... So they're not THAT obscure. Of course, there may be others that Jeff B. had missed, that are ONLY in "the The". Jeff?
BTW, the reference 'dObjects' gives for most of these planetaries is the "Strasbourg-ESO Catalogue of Galactic Planetary Nebulae", Acker et al., 1992. According to 'dO', it's available on the Web at:
This link seems dead, but I found a better source at Doug Snyder's *AMAZING* "Planetary Nebulae Observer's Home Page" at:
This site in turn lead me to Strasbourg's VizieR server:
Good luck following that!
PS: I'm still hoping prices for Uranomonotony drop now that the 'Millenium' atlas is out: after retiring my ancient, well-marked "Atlas Coeli" and buying Herald & Bobroff's "AstroAtlas" a few years ago, I don't often miss Urano... But still there IS more stuff plotted in it. :(
Clear skies!