RE: (IAAC) Re: Obj: Biurakan 10 - Inst: 10" f/6 Newt

	Almost everything I observe is either in Uranomaniac or MegaStar.  Many of 
the objects are not particularly difficult.  Some are not as splashy as their 
well-known cousins, some are very small and go unnoticed at low powers, many 
are very large and were overlooked by older surveys done with narrow field 
						Clear skies,  Sue
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"Biurakan"??? OK, you're doing this on purpose, Sue!  :)
Coincidentally, what sources usually point you to the more obscure targets 
like these? And are any of them real challenges to find or identify? If so, 
give us poor Intermediate folks some hints whenever you can!
Clear skies - and keep 'em coming,