Re: (IAAC) Web archive contents for netastrocatalog-announce updated

Hi Lew:
Lew Gramer wrote:
> > Lew, what about providing an index of objects which are already
> > in the archive, with link to your search engine for the logs ?
> > .. just a thought ..
> > - hartmut
> And a great one, Hartmut! I can produce a list of the observed objects SO FAR,
> but I'd have to put some thought into how this list could be automatically
> updated... Otherwise, it'd out-of-date already after next new moon. :)
> Would others find such an index useful?
Yes, I think this will be very useful as no two people observe and write
note on the same objects at the same time, so anybody could check
rapidly if there is any previous posting to compare.
Maybe the index could be done sending a command to list the directory
(as it seems that each post is a file on the Web, is it?), then the list
could be indexed using a common programa (Word, Excel, etc) and
converting to HTML with another common program (Word 97?). [Only draft
Celso Montalvo
12o S; 77o W.