Re: (IAAC) DSO observers software

     Although by putting the Luginbuhl & Skiff observations in a publicly-
accessible place makes them vulnerable to pirating in various ways, my
intention is that they be used for reference, not publication per se.
I would not want them added, for instance, to the 'astrocatalog' database
since they're readily available from the Lowell site.
     As Jeff noted, these are the 'raw data' from the original so far as
I have them and have keyed them in.  Thus the observations contain errors
(even Homer nods occasionally), although there are often comments resulting
from inspection of photographic sky atlases added to the notes.
     If folks in the group want to get a lot of good visual observations
on-line they'd do better to start keying-in and translating Bigourdan's
massive series from the turn fo the Century, which includes all the NGC
objects he could find using a 30cm refractor, and includes many first
observations of things that later became IC objects.