Re: (IAAC) DSO observers software

At 10:03 AM 3/12/98 -0500, Lew Gramer wrote the following to the IAAC -
NetAstroCatalog deep-sky observing mailing list:
>The Luginbuhl & Skiff observations are available in electronic format?? 
Yes. They are available via anonymous FTP from:
Last I checked they were complete up to Leo Minor alphabetically, with a
couple other constellations done as well. The format is pretty rough, as
you can see when you take a look at them, but it is not at all difficult to
figure them out; they are not in code, just in a stripped-down, mostly
vowel-free English.
>Brian, would you consider it polite if we viewed them - or were 
>they pirated somehow? 
They were not pirated; these were put together from Brian himself (as you
could guess by the URL, I suppose).
I can't speak for Brian, and I don't know if he is on this list or not. The
e-mail I received from him about this obviously went to many other people
(he opened with "folks"; when he writes me he opens with "Jeff" or
whatever, and there were indications of a bcc distribution list in the
header). I do not know that the presence of these observations is
considered to be 'public knowledge', as I did not see him announce this on
public forums such as s.a.a., for example.
But I believe that I am not betraying any confidences by telling this list
that it is there. This group is pretty small and harmless, it would seem.
;-) Just in case I am doing a bad turn, I have bcc'ed Brian with this mail
so he will know who to blame.
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