FWD Re: (IAAC) DSO observers software

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>Subject: Re: (IAAC) DSO observers software
>Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1998 20:17:22 -0700
>I've been using DeepSky 97 from Steve Tuma.  The previous versions were
>pretty "buggy" but this one performs well.  It is a database style of format
>generating a list easily filtered for your conditions.  I live in a canyon
>with a lot of trees a limit my observing lists to those 40 degrees altitude
>or higher and limit the azimuth as well.
>It is easy to "mark" observed objects from the list and have them quickly
>appended to an observing log database.  Repeatable parts of a good observing
>log are easily applied to all the objects in session leaving ones' key work
>to a minimum.
>I use an LX200 often so don't really need a chart (but it is still nice to
>know where one is looking).  This new version has a star charting feature as
>well but its not as nice as others like SkyMap from Chris Marriot.
>Quite a complete database(s) is available.  It is a good deal for the price.
>Steve Tuma has released a new version - DeepSky98.  Telescope control is
>added as a feature to allow you at add catalogs.  Haven't upgraded yet,
>probably will wait a while.  Steve's upgrade policy is excellent, free
>downloads, but the file sizes are huge warranting popping a few bucks loose
>for the CD.
>Another part I like is you can access the databases in Microsoft Access 97,
>the basic engine of Steve's program I think.  I real fun program for us
>catalog junkies!