Re: (IAAC) Obj: NGC 40 - Inst: Celestron 8"

>Ga Lo 120.02  Ga La 9.87    POSS X 150  POSS Y 160
Galactic Longitude =120.02 , Galactic Latitude = 9.87  Palomar
Observatory Sky Survey Plate
Old NGC description - Faint, Very Small, Round, Very Suddenly Much
Brighter Middle with a 12th
mag star South Proceeding.  The NGC2000 has the example of NGC4725
"vsvmbMeBN" which translates out the very suddenly very much brighter
middle with an extremely bright nucleus.  Muck around in the NGC for
long and you will pick these up.
New NGC description
>Xrf P
Cross reference to other catalogs (Perek and Kahoutek being referenced
Much of this information is probably not needed.  Galactic coordinate
systems, POSS plate locators and such are mostly useless for the average
amateur.  Most of the deep sky enthusiasts can read the old NGC
abbreviations like we can the morning newspaper and they are fairly
useful as a rough indicator of visibility.  eEF objects are not gonna be
easy (most Extremely Faint) in a smaller scope!
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