(IAAC) Herschel 400 Logs (was Re: Obj: NGC 40)

>There is nothing more fun than comparing your observations with
>those of other observers with different sized scopes and observing
>conditions. ...It would be nice to know that an object you are
>interested in viewing is easily visible in an 8" SCT at 100x from
>moderately light polluted skies.  It gives others a benchmark that
>might be helpful in planning an observing session.
I very much agree with Eric's comments! Sue, if you have any "observation databases" in whatever format you're willing to share, I'd be more than happy to reformat them for submission as well!
Now based on the comments so far, entering all these emails into the mailing list might be overwhelming for some people... I'll research how logs can be entered into the archive WITHOUT being emailed. In the mean time, though, if either Eric or anyone else would like to indicate which objects they SPECIALLY want to see logs of from the Herschel 400, let me know: I can just forward the logs for those particular objects. Also, before I post any more, I'll work on making all 'NGP' observations a little more readable...
Sound good to all? All comments or suggestions welcome.
Clear skies!