(IAAC) DSO observers software

At 05:05 PM 3/10/98 -0500, Lew wrote:
I'll jump up here at this point and say that one reason that my
observations do not appear here more often has to do with the tedium of
recording them. DSO observations I generally just bark into a tape recorder
and transcribe the next day. Once this is done, I rarely feel like
transcribing them again for the catalog, especially since I tend to record
a lot of detail.
>At my suggestion, Eric Greene sent me a dump of his whole database of NGC 
>object observations from the 'NGP' program... 
The above quote seems to suggest that there might be a software solution to
this dilemma. Could I ask for a brief discussion of the existing DSO
observing softwares out there, their features, whether anyone has actually
found them useful, and so on? I am not after information on charting
programs here, but rather comments about the handful of DS observation
planning and logging packages I have heard of.
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