Re: (IAAC) Obj: NGC 40 - Inst: Celestron 8"

I don't know about what others will say, but I certainly would like to
see your observations!  While it might not be a good idea to send all
our stuff out on the listserv, having them entered into the searchable
database would be very useful.  The faster the database grows, the more
useful it becomes for us'n observers.  There is nothing more fun than
comparing your observations with those of other observers with different
sized scopes and observing conditions.
If you read my observations for very long you will discover  I am more
interested in the visibility of an object rather than its actual
appearance.  It would be nice to know that an object you are interested
in viewing is easily visible in an 8" SCT at 100x from moderately light
polluted skies.  It gives others a benchmark that might be helpful in
planning an observing session.
Eric Greene                        erg@america.net
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> Okay with me.  Want all 400 of mine, too ;-)  Only kidding.
> Clear skies,  Sue
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>So what do y'all think?
>Clear skies!