Re: (IAAC) I goofed

Sue French said;
        Okay, so I like to observe but I can't type.  I entered an obs
for Tombaugh 5, and then started one for DoDz 3.  Partway through, I
accidentally hit the ENTER key instead of the DELETE key.  This
immediately posted an incorrect obs. >
Boy, a poor typist, here in the Internet, I am shocked ; >
Sue, I have found that I could probably type better if I put one
foot on the keyboard....more to hit keys with.
I have enjoyed the unusual open clusters observations, I know that
few of us deep sky nuts go after these types of objects.  Bob
Kepple, who edited Observer's Guide, looked at a few and started
calling the Do-Dz clusters "doozies" and they are that.  It does
seem that the Herschel's did a pretty good job of finding the
bright, big and easy objects.
Clear Skies;
Steve Coe