Re: (IAAC) Splitting Rigel

Thanks that's a good tip. I guess it is rather close... the conditions were
too poor and rather soupy to find separate refraction rings last night. I
will keep my eye out for it :)
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From: Jeff Blanchard <jeffb@cruzio.com>
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Date: Friday, March 06, 1998 7:28 PM
Subject: (IAAC) Splitting Rigel
>>Question...I have looked and
>>looked for the double to Rigel. Burnham's lists it as splitable with a
>>six inch primary. I have an eight inch, and regardless of the conditions,
>>cannot split it. What gives here? Am I missing something?
>I have split this little beauty with my 8" Penny.  Look for the fairly
>faint double hiding behind one of the diffraction spikes. Moving the star
>of center and varying your eye placement can help.  It's worth the extra