Re: (IAAC) limiting magnitude

Hi Jeff-
There's another article that appeared in the No.110 October 1997 issue of
the WSQJ (Webb Soc. Quart. Jour.) titled "On the Prediction of Visibility
for Deep-Sky Objects" by Jose' Ramon Torres.  He apparently lives in
Valencia Spain, but his e-mail address:  <Jose.R.Torres@uv.es>
It is a great article that corrects the mistakes made by Dr. Clark and
seeks to provide a quantitative method for predicting whether a given
object would be visable or not.
Randy J. Rogers
Steve Coe wrote: 
> The latest version of the Saguaro Astronomy Club database does
> have calculated values of surface brightness included.  I have
> not taken the time to use them alot, but the few times I have
> paid attention, this data seems to provide a pretty good
> representation of how easy or hard it will be to see that
> object.  They were calculated by Dr. Harold Corwin, we are
> working with him on the NGC project.
> The data is on the SAC archive:
> www.psiaz.com/sac/home.htm
> Hope that helps;
> Steve