Re: Finding objects! (was Re: (IAAC) The Herschel List)

>Hola Jonathan:
>> Last year, I saw skies around +6.5, +7 LM's. I couldn't identify a
>> single constellation, there was so MANY stars! I saw the Milky Way 
>> the first time, and it was beautiful!  I understood what was meant 
>> people felt overwhelmed by the amount of stars visible!
>Ahhh..! This sounds familiar, similar to the times when I am in one of
>those pretty nights in Canta, some 300 km from Lima, 3,000+ m above the
>sea in the Andes. Looking up is so astounding (no superlative is
>enough...!!!) that you can only stare open-mouth with the only wish of
>stay laying in the ground enjoying the sight. In this kind of sky it is
>dificult to find a way through a finder, and harder to find the way
>through the telescope as the big amount of stars seen blurs any
>preconcibed star pattern.
>These days Canta is being deadly attacked by the "El Ni=F1o" floods and
>-- =
>Celso Montalvo
>12o S; 77o W.
This is one kind of light pollution that I don't mind !  :->
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