Re: (IAAC) astrophotography

Hi, Harold. First, you should know that there's a mailing list you can 
subscribe to that's all about astrophotography! It's called "APML" (Astro 
Photography Mailing List), and you'll find out more about it at:
Or email "owner-astro-photo@nightsky.com", the list administrator!
The folks on APML will have some VERY expert answers to your questions, and you 
can search the APML archive and FAQ page to help you get started!
That said, I can answer your main question by saying that there's PLENTY of 
deep-sky stuff you can photograph with a drive-corrected 10" f/4.5 scope... 
Just be prepared to spend lots of time getting your polar alignment PERFECT, 
and then hunching over the guider eyepiece for long guiding sessions!
As for polar-aligning scopes, you can only be sure you did it right when 
objects stay where you put them in the eyepiece field! And in fact, that's the 
basis of the most common polar-aligning technique, called the "drift method". 
But the folks at APML will help you with that.
Mean time, for all your visual deep-sky observing, stay tuned here. :)
Clear skies,