(IAAC) astrophotography

I hope some people can give me information on something that I have
absolutely no practical experience with. That's astrophotography. I've
done a lot of reading about it so understand the basics. But, I've never
even considered trying it until recently. A few days ago, I obtained
from a friend a single axis drive correcter and an adapter that will let
me attach a camera to my telescope. I have a Meade 10" f4.5 reflecter. I
live in a very light polluted city. But, I have access to a dark sky
site about 60 miles away from the city. Given the hardware I have how
much I may be able to do? Am I going to be limited to the sun and moon
or can I go farther? 
Here's a related question. To do photography, I know I will have to have
my scope polar aligned. Without any type of device such as an alignment
scope, how can I tell if I am polar aligned? I can eyeball it using a
compass but doubt if that's close enough for photography.