Re: Finding objects! (was Re: (IAAC) The Herschel List)

>The only problem with this is that (well,where I live) there is usually
>no visible naked-eye stars within 5 and sometimes 10 degrees!
You may want to consider a few techniques to get you dark adapted better.
You have to learn to use averted vision, and "see" in the dark.
A funny but somewhat effective technique is to wear sunglasses for a half
hour before embarking on an observing run outside.  This gives you a good
headstart to your dark-adaption.
Use averted vision to "see" stars in the sky...you will be surprised how
much more you see that you don't see directly....learn how to scan, taking
long sweeping swaths of the sky in with each ocular sweep....of course, find
the darkest site available to you on your little spot of land...without any
light right in your eyes of course.
Of course binocs are the ultimate finder scope......the stars will jump out,
and you can approximate where you see the object and turn the scope
there...use a black cloth to cover your head when you are at the eyepiece.
If all else fails, use a magnified finder scope.
Hope I gave you something to think on.