Re: (IAAC) Bradford Robotic Telescope Operations Menu

I think you have to remember two things. 
1) Why site a telescope on one of the cloudiest and wettest parts of the UK
2) Why run it as part of the engineering group.
The telescope was not set up by astronomers but bythe engineering group to
test ideas of remote control etc. It has a lousy drive and the longest
exposure it could take was about 2 minutes. Having said this I did get two
images back from it of FG Sge and AGC 426 ( well the central core )
At 10:25 16/02/98 -0500, you wrote:
>>While the Bradford scope is real, getting images from it can border on
>>the realm of fantasy!  I signed up for the Bradford a couple years ago
>>and requested an image or two.  I have yet to receive them!
>I signed up myself in about September, and have yet to receive them. Better
>bet to try Iowa State's U. robotic telescope, you usually get results the
>next clear night!