Re: Re: (IAAC) Self introduction

Great introduction, Luis! I really enjoyed your "Meade #385" pages on the Web! 
For other subscribers interested in viewing them, they're at:
The old "Meade #395" Web page is now a subset of the "Affordable Refractor's Web Page". The address is as follows:
Glad you were able to move on to the Vixen 102 you use now: still, there is 
always something special about that first telescope...
How very true!. First lights is always wonderful, but first lights with the very first scope is an unforgettable experience.
By the way, if you get any observations on your "Enter Your Observations Here" 
Web page, I hope you'll point them our way. :)
Sure!. It will be a pleasure.
Clearest skies:
Luis ArgŁelles