Re: (IAAC) Bradford Robotic Telescope Operations Menu

Hello Inspector -
While the Bradford scope is real, getting images from it can border on
the realm of fantasy!  I signed up for the Bradford a couple years ago
and requested an image or two.  I have yet to receive them!  Perhaps I
caught the project just as it was coming online, but if so, there were
still a few bugs in the system.  It might be working better now.  For
deep sky stuff, you just can't beat the Digital Sky Survey!
Eric Greene                        erg@america.net
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Subject: (IAAC) Bradford Robotic Telescope Operations Menu
I hope it's not inappropriate to send info like this along. I came
across this while looking for some other astronomy related material. I
thought somebody may get to use this and let the rest of us know how it
worked. This is a real telescope in the U.K. you can access through the