Re: (IAAC) The Herschel List

>I don't know about most observers, but I find I am always more
>productive if working towards some observing goal.  I have heard from
>several who have completed the Herschel list that there is a definite
>sense of loss once the initial elation of completing the goal is passed.
>I know this was true for me.  I'd go out with the scope after finishing
>up the Herschels and would end up just poking around the sky without
>seeing anything new.  Not that there is anything wrong with this, but it
>was an emotional letdown after working for years on the Herschel list.
>Best thing that happened was the creation of the Arp and Herschel II
>list!  These should keep me busy for another decade or so!
>I wrote up a personal retrospective of my hunt for the Herschel 400 that
>I would be happy to share with the group.  I ask before posting it
>because it's about 8 pages long.  Let me know what you think.  Some
>folks may have read it already since Jeff Bondano had it on his webpage
>for the past year or so.
>Eric Greene
Eric.. what do you think of the Orion Deep Sky Map list.. have you seen it?
I have been working off of that..
I think there are a couple of hundred more objects, many Herschel 
- Todd
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