(IAAC) The Herschel List

Lew write:
>I'm always surprised at the number of folks who undertake to observe
>Herschel 400 (or the entire list!) systematically. All those long
nights spent
>searching for objects, it seems folks might just get that much more out
>their project if they can end up sharing what they see with their
>Herschel Hunters around the world. :)
I don't know about most observers, but I find I am always more
productive if working towards some observing goal.  I have heard from
several who have completed the Herschel list that there is a definite
sense of loss once the initial elation of completing the goal is passed.
I know this was true for me.  I'd go out with the scope after finishing
up the Herschels and would end up just poking around the sky without
seeing anything new.  Not that there is anything wrong with this, but it
was an emotional letdown after working for years on the Herschel list.
Best thing that happened was the creation of the Arp and Herschel II
list!  These should keep me busy for another decade or so!
I wrote up a personal retrospective of my hunt for the Herschel 400 that
I would be happy to share with the group.  I ask before posting it
because it's about 8 pages long.  Let me know what you think.  Some
folks may have read it already since Jeff Bondano had it on his webpage
for the past year or so.
Eric Greene
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