Re: (IAAC) self introduction

Lew Gramer wrote:
> Thanks for the personal introduction, Bob... You already finished the Messier
> and Caldwell lists, eh! Well please if you can, take some time to type in a few
> of those logs and share them with us!
> I'm always surprised at the number of folks who undertake to observe the
> Herschel 400 (or the entire list!) systematically. All those long nights spent
> searching for objects, it seems folks might just get that much more out of
> their project if they can end up sharing what they see with their fellow
> Herschel Hunters around the world. :)
> We sure are glad to have you with us, Bob. Clear skies,
> Lew
  Thanks for the welcome, Lew. Actually I finished the two list over a year ago
but I haven't done so well with the Herschel list. Only get to an observing site
once a month if the weather is good. Trees and too much light hamper me at home so
the Herschel is a much slower process. Also have a tendency to look at "old
friends" or "jewels" as I like to call them...Bob