Re: (IAAC) Self Introductions

Hi everyone,
Been lurking for a bit here....not able to observe lately due to the fact
that the weather has been the typical Murphy's Law of Astronomy....New
moon=Clouds  Full moon=Clear skies!
I have been observing for several years, using an eight inch Deep Space
Explorer Dob with a
variety of eyepieces.   More than that, I would have to say I do the bulk of
observing with binoculars, Nikon 10 x 50's, which I find optimum for
astronomy.  I sometimes work with the scope and bincos in tandem. My
favorite eyepiece is a low power Plossl giving me about 47X.   Of interest
to me is rich-field open clusters (particulary ones with colored double and
triple star systems such as M44) but I also like all types of
things...including of course nebulae.  Our clubs dark sky site is about 6.0
l.m. but my home is only about 4.5 or 5.0 at best.  I used to live near our
dark sky site, and my goal is to be able to move somewhere with skies that
good or better.
I do a limited amount of planetary observing and I love lunar eclipses.
Also hope to be able to find more Virgo cluster galaxies this spring.
That's it for now....have a happy full moon and nice to meet everyone.
Penny Fischer, lat. 40 N.
Special Contributor to Space Exploration
Prodigy Services
Member-At-Large, S*T*A*R  Astronomy Society
 Holmdel, N.J. USA