Re: (IAAC) Self Introductions

Hi all,
I started into this obsession (do any of you really believe this is a hobby
anymore?) at about age three (30 years ago) when my father bought me a 60mm
Monolux Refractor. Had a "push pull" focuser/eyepiece like an adjustable
power  barlow. You couldn't remove the eyepiece! With this little scope I
"discovered" Saturns rings, Craters on the moon (real mountains!), and the
giant red spot on Jupiter -  for 15 years.  Anyway it wasn't until the late
70's that a science teacher (are you out there Bill Rives?) pushed me to
that next level. Quite an accomplished amature himself, I blame him (so does
my wife) for this affliction.
Not quite Todd, but I started buying and selling scopes as my (never ending)
passion increased. Through the dark side ("aperture fever") and back I've
owned 15 scopes, countless eyepieces and accessories, and have now settled
on an 8" SCT as my main scope.
 Clear skies,