RE: (IAAC) Introduction

	Hi everyone,
	I wasn't sure I should reply but here goes...... I just treated
myself to a 4.5" Newtonian Reflector for my 40th birthday (2/14). Just
out of the box and waiting for a clear night. I began with a small
Refractor when I was a kid living just outside of Philadelphia 'bout a
mile from the airport. Talk about major light pollution!!! I still got
some good obs. on those crystal clear winter nights. But.....I finally
moved about 50 miles west of Phila. some 5 yrs ago and could absolutly
NOT believe what a "real" night time sky looked like. Note to you folks
in  Arizona: I always thought the Milky Way was something only the
astronauts saw <g>. And now, after 5 yrs of hemming and hawing I've
finally decided to jump back into my childhood hobby after seeing these
nighttime skys. Lew has already given me some initial areas to peek
into. Can't wait. I hope all you "experienced" folks will put up with my
newness. I hope eventually I'll have something to contribute other than
	Regards and clear skys to all,