(IAAC) Introductions

Not to be left out of the introductions.
I got interested in space and astronomy when I was about 8 years old when
my grandfather showed me mars through a homemade 4" refractor, I wish I had
that scope today. I then got a 60mm Tasco that just about ended my
astronomy interest. My interest lagged for a few years until I found the
Ohio Valley Astronomonical Society during comet Halley. This club really
rekindled my interest, they had access to a C-14 and some scopes that could
be borrowed. I now have a C-5 (old orange tube model excellent ++ optics),
a 12.5 f5 Dob, 12.5 f8 Optical Craftsmen Newt on a GEM, oh yes the the 60
mm Tasco. 
I observe mostly from central Ohio (the cloud belt) with occaisonal forays
into eastern Ohio and West Virginia. My primary interests of late have be
double stars, planets, and the moon as my suburban location is very light
Scott Hogsten