Re: (IAAC) Obj: NGC 1241 - Inst: C-8 F/10

Hi Eric;
Hey, this is not fair, if you have my old notes from the NGP program
then I have nothing new to say. <g>  Actually, I have not done a
lot for several years in Eridanus, so this may be an observation you
already have.
NGC 1241 in the 13" f/5.6 at 150X is faint, pretty small,
elongated 1.5 X 1 in PA 135 and gradually a little brighter in
the middle.  The elongation may be from the fact that 1242 is
attached to 1241 and I never split them into two seperate
objects on a 7/10 night for seeing and transparency.
Clear Skies;
Steve Coe