(IAAC) Greetings

Hello all -
Just discovered the Netastrocatalog project and think it's a grand idea.
I have not yet seen any messages in this announce list, so not sure
what's suitable, but thought it might be a good place for introductions.
I have been observing since 1958 when I got a 2" Tasco.  Present
instrument is an old orange tube C-8.  This is my 2nd C-8 and I have
been using Celestrons since 1977.  Deep sky is my favorite and I am
never quite as happy as when searching for galaxies at the limits of the
scopes detection.  I completed the Herschel 400 list in 1995
(Certificate 129) and am presently working on the Herschel II and Arp
lists.  Have a LONG way to go on the H-II but hope to nail 100 Arps
before the winter observing season is finished.
Live in Atlanta (with all the light pollution that goes with that) and
only get out once a month or so.  I'm still using NGP to record
observations and would enjoy swapping observing files if anyone else
uses that fine program.  I know Steve Coe used to and I do have his
older files.
I'm 51, work in the cellular telecommunications industry and look
forward to meeting the rest of you observers.
Eric Greene                        erg@america.net
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