Re: (IAAC) Re: New to the list (long)

Thanks for the advice, Celso. Hope this helps, Steve? Other readers who might 
be using Eudora or one of the other popular PC/Mac email programs can do 
something very similar, by using the "Resend" feature: just save your first 
(full-format) post to 'netastrocatalog' in your "Out" mailbox - or a special 
mailbox just for the list.
Then when you want to send in another observation, click on this first one, and 
select the "Resend" menu item (under the "Message" menu in Eudora). The 
"Forward" feature of almost all mailers may work too. Only thing to watch out 
for is to make sure you replace ALL old information with the new stuff... 
Saving a "blank form" in your mailbox may work best.
Clear skies,