Re: (IAAC) PK189+7.1 in GEM with 13" from AZ

I use the Uranometria in combination with a Telrad and the
large 11X80 finder.  I am generally pretty confident that the
object is within one degree of the place where the scope is
pointed by the time I am done star hopping.  Going to a higher
power, 150X or 220X will show the disk or not, I don't choose
to go after really tiny PN's, I usually stay above 3 arcseconds
or so.  At 150X with the 14mm Meade UWA eyepiece the 13" f/5.6
has a field of about 1/2 a degree so I can move the scope around
one FOV to each of the cardinal points.  If that doesn't show
the nebula I put in the UHC and try the same tactic.  If still
no luck, I will fiddle with higher power for 10 minutes or so,
that is about all my patience is good for.  Between the star
hop, eyepiece swapping and filter screwing I will invest 25 to
30 minutes, but then I just enter "Could Not Find" in the notes
and move on.  Because I don't put the itsy-bitsy PNs on my
list, I assume the dozen or so I haven't seen are just too faint
for the 13" or needed a better night.
Clear Skies;