Re: (IAAC) deep-sky publications (fwd)

> >The Webb Society, a world-wide organization head-quartered in England,
> >puts out a number of good deep-sky publications, such as their
> >"Quarterly Journal", "The Deep-Sky Observer" and "Observing Section
> >Reports".  See their web site at
> >http://www.webbsociety.org/wperiodical.html.
> Your mention of the Webb society reminded me of a set of 7 books 
> published by them, collectively called the Deep Sky Observer's Handbook.
Lou (and others) -
Thanks for mentioning the Observer's Handbooks.  These are described on
the web site I mentioned (see above) and directions are given there on
who to contact in the Webb Society in order to obtain copies.  Note
however that they are no longer available from Enslow publishers, and
volume 1 (on double stars) is out of print.
I should add that I am not unbiased in my recommendations regarding the
Webb Society, as they published my book (!) "The 'Non-Existent' Star
Clusters of the RNGC" and their _Monograph No. 1_.  This book is also
still available from them, and also available from Willmann-Bell, Inc.
(see http://www.willbell.com/).
- Brent Archinal