Re: (IAAC) deep-sky publications

Brent A. Archinal wrote:
>The Webb Society, a world-wide organization head-quartered in England,
>puts out a number of good deep-sky publications, such as their
>"Quarterly Journal", "The Deep-Sky Observer" and "Observing Section
>Reports".  See their web site at
Your mention of the Webb society reminded me of a set of 7 books 
published by them, collectively called the Deep Sky Observer's Handbook.
Each volume deals with a different topic, and each volume contains 
introductory material on the nature of the objects covered in that 
volume, issues regarding observing those objects, advice or guidelines 
for recording observations, and then one or more catalogs of the objects, 
many with reproduced drawings of the objects, made by the observers.
The catalogs are useful for me because each drawing is labled with the 
aperture of the instrument used to observe it, so I have a rough idea of 
what to expect if I attempt to find the object with my 5" instrument (not 
much, on average!)
The volumes are:
1. Double stars
2. Planetary and Gaseous Nebulae
3. Open and Globular Clusters
4. Galaxies
5. Clusters of Galaxies
6. Anonymous Glaxies
7. The Southern Hemisphere
These volumes were published around the late '70s and I don't know if 
they're still in print. I found them, in new condition, in a used book 
store here in Cambridge, MA. I paid $4.50 per volume. A few days later I 
checked the shelves at the bookstore, and more of these books had taken 
the place of the ones I bought, so they must have bought a bunch as 
The publisher is Enslow Publishers, Inc., with a US address of
Bloy St. & Ramsey Ave.,
Box 777
Hillside NJ 07205
These were published in the pre-internet era, hence no internet address. 
For those people who have access to Cambridge MA, the book dealer is 
MacIntyre and Moore, located on Mt. Auburn Street, near Putnam Ave.
Lou Cohen