Re: (IAAC) Dwarf Galaxy IC10 20" Dobsonian

At 12:15 12/12/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Oh, I am jealous now, Nick! After reading about IC10 in an old Deep Sky
>article last year, I looked for it with the idea of adding it to my
>supernova hunt. I had the 20" f/5 out last Nov. under the darkest skies
>I've found in New England so far - a mountain campsite near Evans Notch,
>New Hampshire. Visual limiting magnitude hovered near 7.3 (for me), and
>temperatures around +5oF (-15oC). I had accurate charts, tried low power,
>high power, DeepSky filter, UHC (for HII regions), concentrated vision,
>scope jiggling, asked other experienced observers to help: all to NO
>avail... I congratulate you on this one!
My skies never approach an l.m. of 7.3 the six mark is typical. I think the
secret was to follow the line of stars to locate it. The picture in the book
was a definite help as I knew exactly where to look. It is a satisfying
little beast to catch. The movement effect, by the way, was very pronounced
~I jogged the telescope rather hard twice and each time the larger movement
made the galaxy leap out briefly.
>>Finding it. As illustrated in Daivid Eicher's book
>>Galaxies and the Universe (p.13). 
The ISBN for the book is 0-913135-14-3. It is priced at $14-95. I bought it
from Broadhurst Clarkson in London at, as British Astronomers will guess,
It is definitely worth the money though. it is distributed in the UK by
Airlife Publishing Ltd., 101 Longden Road, Shrewsbury SY3 9EB, England.
>I've not had a chance to try this book. Is it derived from some of his old
>Deep Sky articles? Do folks find it worthwhile generally for galaxy hunting?
It is a collection of Deep Sky articles. It really is a find for hunting out
odd objects. It has a whole chapter on M31 and its objects plus another on
local group galaxies. It is a pity Deep Sky ceased independent publication.
I got the positions of the M31 supergiants from there and intend to try for
some of the globulars in M31 - one day. There is a whole chapter on them.
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