Re: (IAAC) Dwarf Galaxy IC10 20" Dobsonian

Oh, I am jealous now, Nick! After reading about IC10 in an old Deep Sky
article last year, I looked for it with the idea of adding it to my
supernova hunt. I had the 20" f/5 out last Nov. under the darkest skies
I've found in New England so far - a mountain campsite near Evans Notch,
New Hampshire. Visual limiting magnitude hovered near 7.3 (for me), and
temperatures around +5oF (-15oC). I had accurate charts, tried low power,
high power, DeepSky filter, UHC (for HII regions), concentrated vision,
scope jiggling, asked other experienced observers to help: all to NO
avail... I congratulate you on this one!
>Finding it. As illustrated in Daivid Eicher's book
>Galaxies and the Universe (p.13).
I've not had a chance to try this book. Is it derived from some of his old
Deep Sky articles? Do folks find it worthwhile generally for galaxy hunting?