Re: (IAAC) OBJECT: Barnard 33 (HORSEHEAD NEB.); INST: 16" Dobnewt f/4.59

I agree, Mario: sky conditions are the determining factor for seeing the
Horsehead. I've seen it in an 8" Newtonian (in the days before the Dobson
revolution) from the Florida Keys - with visual limiting magnitudes in the
mid 7s, and more recently in a 10" Dob from Evans Notch, NH with an LM only
slightly worse than the Keys. But from even the fairly dark (by
Massachusetts standards) Miles Standish State Forest, it is difficult with
an H-beta in a 20", and certainly impossible without that one magical
filter. Seeing can also be a factor, as the object is most easily
distinguished by some fairly fine dark features along the edges of the main
dark nebula. Congratulations, Todd!