Re: (IAAC) Pegasus I (Galaxy Cluster)

Thanks for mentioning that, Brent! In fact, when my friend first asked me if I 
wanted to "look for Peg I", I said "Not under THIS sky I don't!" - thinking he 
meant one of those elusive little Local Group dwarfs I'm always NOT seeing. A 
few moments of confusion ensued, but we sorted it out. :)
Note this same confusion occurs with another galaxy cluster I logged here last 
year: Abell 1367 seems to be known as "Leo I", which is ALSO the name of yet 
another Local Group dwarf (this time the elliptical U5470). And of course don't 
confuse EITHER of these with the "Leo Group" of galaxies around n3368!
Now I'm curious: what catalog or article do these "Constellation I"-type 
designations for galaxy clusters refer to? Does anyone know?
Clear skies!