Re: (IAAC) Observing Handbook and Catalog of Deep Sky Objects

Last week, I posted that a bookshop is Singapore is selling this at about US$7.  Over the weekend, I went there 
to try to get one for myself on for a few fellow overseas amateurs who had email me to get for them.
To my surprise, it was sold out.  While I can understand if this is, say, in USA, I find it hard to believe 
that it is such a demand here in Singapore.  I am sorry my Singapore friends, are they so many more deep sky 
observers here and do not have the book prior to this?  I think someone must have read this and got them for 
their friend overseas, just like what I was trying to do.  Or maybe it was a mistake by the bookshop.  But the 
staff did show me their computerised inventory.  It wasn't there.  I apologise for those whom I promised to try 
to get for them.  My sincere apology.
Just in case someone may think that I was trying to pull a bluff and waste everybody's bandwidth, the contact 
Borders Books Music Cafe
#01-01 Wheelock Place
Singapore 238880
Tel:  (65) 235-7146
Ong Y C