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>I have a 152.4mm Dob.  I can't use it, and I wouldn't want to.  I 
>perfer looking for objects the hard way(using my finder 'scope, which 
>is actually a piece of CPVC).  If you just tell a device where to put 
>the 'scope, and PRESTO! its' there, that's nice and quite effortless. 
> Now, if you look for an object for hours, then find it, instead of 
>just seconds, it is a much nicer victory.
true, but as someone who has 45 minutes to observe per session, it's a
Note.. this is a topic of hot debate, and the "other side" will tell you
that you will
spend more time observing (and lingering if you wish) and less time
"finding" using
digital setting circles... just like regular setting circles can be used.
I enjoy hunting myself. I use a Telrad, and the excellent finder map that
Orion (Telescope
and Binocular Center) sells for around $10. That is where I am getting most
of these objects
off of... hundreds of them are listed, and almost all of them are great.
- Todd
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